Cd - high society volume 10 by crosby, bob & his orchestra

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Informazioni sull'oggetto Track listing 1.Day In, Day Out - Crosby, Bob & His Orchestra2.Boogie Woogie Maxixe - Crosby, Bob & His Orchestra3.Blue Orchids - Grace, Teddy4.The World Is Waiting for the Sunrise - Crosby, Bob & His Orchestra5.What Used to Was Used to Was (Now It Ain't) - Grace, Teddy6.Lacs in the Rain - Crosby, Bob & His Orchestra7.Can I Help It? - Crosby, Bob & His Orchestra8.The Starlit Hour - Crosby, Bob & His Orchestra9.Tl We Meet Again - Crosby, Bob & His Orchestra10.The Love Nest - Crosby, Bob & His Orchestra11.Washington and Lee Swing - Crosby, Bob & His Orchestra12.Peruna - Crosby, Bob & His Orchestra13.The Love Nest - Crosby, Bob & His Orchestra14.Feather Your Nest - Crosby, Bob & His Orchestra15.The Little Man Who Wasn't There - Grace, Teddy16.(Why Couldn't It Be) Last Night - Crosby, Bob & His Orchestra17.High Society - Crosby, Bob & His Orchestra18.Air Ma Stomp - Crosby, Bob & His Orchestra19.I Thought About You - Grace, Teddy20.Happy Birthday to Love - Grace, Teddy Detas Number of s: 1 Contributing artists: Crosby, Bob Orchestra Recording type: Studio Distributor: The Woods/Discovery Recording mode: MONO Album notes The tenth installment in Halcyon's exhaustive chronological Crosby series finds the bandleader in the midst of his prime. The 20 sides features both the full band and Crosby's small group, the Bob Cats. There's also plenty of the pop and Dixieland mix Crosby made his name with. Unlike other installments, though, the emphasis here is on the pop side of things, with plenty of dreamy supper-club ooze like "Blue Orchids" and "The Starlit Hour." The velvet mood rolls on, as vocalist Helen Ward adds to her Goodman resumé with an almost impressionistic "Day In Day Out" -- male lead Teddy Grace balances the sheet with a few droopy vocals of his own. And adding a bit of fire to the mix, standout players like trumpeter Zeke Zarchy, clarinetist Irving Fazola, and pianist Jess Stacy find a few seams to ply their talents. A fine collection, but one that's best suited to seasoned fans. ~ Stephen Cook CONDITIONI MINT E' COME NUOVO