Cd - If You Love Me J.B. Lenoir

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If You Love Me J.B. Lenoir Auo CD (4. Oktober 2004) Anzahl sks/Tonträger: 1 Label: Universe (Cargo Records) ASIN: B00035WGI6 Anhören 1. Carrie Lee2:39Anhören 2. Korea Blues2:45Anhören 3. I'm in Korea3:11Anhören 4. Eisenhower Blues [Take 1]2:37Anhören 5. Eisenhower Blues2:53Anhören 6. Mama Talk to Your Daughter2:26Anhören 7. Man, Watch Your Woman3:07Anhören 8. Sittin' Down Thinkin'3:00Anhören 9. Mama, Your Daughter's Going To Miss Me2:02Anhören10. What Have I Done3:08Anhören11. Give Me One More Shot2:18Anhören12. We Got To Realize (We Can't Go On This Way)3:08Anhören13. Fine Girls2:34Anhören14. I Lost My Baby3:08Anhören15. I'm Gonna e Someday2:16Anhören16. Natural Man2:30Anhören17. Don't Dog Your Woman3:08Anhören18. Let Me e With the One I Love2:09Anhören19. Ig I Give My Love to You2:34Anhören20. Everybody Wants To Know2:17Anhören21. If You Love Me2:50Anhören22. J. B.'S Rock2:25Anhören23. Low Down rty Shame CONTIONI MINT CD E' COME NUOVO