Cd - phil woods - gene quill sextet

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Ph & Qul Ph Woods Product Detas Audio (November 16, 2004) Original Release Date: 2010 Number of Discs: 1 Label: RCA Fs Imports h And QulPh Woods - Gene Qul SextetFeaturing: Ph Woods (as), Gene Qul (as), Sol Schlinger (bs), Dave McKenna (p), Buddy Jones (b), Shadow Wson (d) REFERENCE: ND 74405BAR CODE: 035627 744052 6 Tracklisting: 1. Sax Fith Avenue2. Ready Rudy3. Cabeza4. Twin Funkies5. rib roast6. High Stepping Bizzies7. Four Flights Up8. Dig You P's And Q's9. Dry Chops In The Moonlight10. Una Momento11. Pottsvle, U.S.A.12. Frank The Barber Review:"The meetings of alto saxophonist Ph Woods and Gene Qul, such as this 1956 sextet date for RCA, are always enjoyable. In addition to baritone saxophonist Sol Schlinger, Woods and Qul are joined by pianist Dave McKenna, bassist Buddy Jones, and drummer Shadow Wson. The focus is on the two altoists, but there is occasionally blowing room for Schlinger and McKenna, too. Gene Orloff's snappy "Sax Fifth Avenue" and Woods' brisk "Four Flights Up" are the highlights of the date, along with several works by Bl Potts. This is a typically solid effort by Ph Woods and Gene Qul".? Ken Dryden (AMG) MINT E' COME NUOVO