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Rainer Wiens Rainer Wiens Bonunca Dream Music Nunca | NUNCA 01 | 1995 Some related items: Speaking in Tongues by Ganesh Anandan, Malcolm Goldstein, Rainer Wiens version by Noma Provocative Operations by Po Chants cachés by Malcolm Goldstein, John Heward, Rainer Wiens Climbing the Waltz by Noma Montréal Free by [va] Composer: Rainer WiensPerformer: Francisco Lozano Over the last fifteen years, guitarist Rainer Weins has developed one of the most unique styles in contemporary jazz. He presents his first cd called Bonunca Dream Music, the culmination of 7 years of work on prepared guitar. The preparation consists of the adtion of pieces of wood, metal and plastic over or under the strings, with each alteration suggesting its own rhythmical and meloc ideas. Bonunca Dream Music, a tour de force always on the jagged cutting edge of new jazz, evocating the cacophonous vitality of urban life. NEW AND UNPLAYED CD E' NUOVO