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Thges 3* - e Offene GesellschaftLabel:StaubgoldCatalog#:staubgold 33Format:CDCountry:GermanyReleased:2002Genre:ElectronicStyle:Experimental * * Play All * Tracklist1 Es Könnte Auch Anders Sein 2 Letzehof 3 Justizanstalt Feldkirch 4 Spinnich 5 Rudolf Seiner 6 Haus Schlerstrasse 7 KiBe 8 Deaf Is Not The End Notes"After their self-released 3"CD series gained them a lot of reputation throughout the world of electronic music, Viennese trio Thges 3 now presents its first full-length album release "e offene Gesellschaft" which translates as "the open society". As well as with their previous releases, the basis of this project is a series of live performances, this time held in the small Austrian city of Feldkirch in the summer of 2001. Thges 3 performed with chdren in a nursery home, played in front of Buddhist monks, criminals and old people. Field recorngs captured at the various locations, live material and stuo work were combined and condensed to 8 verse pieces that found their way on this album." Tracks 2,3,6, 7 - Live in Feldkirch, 27/08-30/08.2001Other tracks - Stuo Eigentone, 12/2001-3/2002 NEW AND UNPLAYED CD E' NUOVO