rare rock 'n' roll rampage (cd, jul-2008, 4 scs, proper records)

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Detaed item info Album Features UPC: 805520021463 Format: CD Release Year: 2008 Record Label: Proper Records Genre: Rock & Pop Number Of scs: 4Track ListingSC 1:1. Ha Ha Ha Blues - Jimmy Cavallo2. Leave Married Women Alone - Jimmy Cavallo3. Rock-A-Beatin' Boogie - The Treniers4. Bald Head - The Treniers5. Hound Dog - Frede Bell & the Bellboys6. Move Me Baby - Frede Bell & the Bellboys7. Five-Ten-Fifteen Hours - Frede Bell & the Bellboys8. Tennessee Rock 'N' Roll - Boyd Bennett & His Rockets9. g Like You Never Dug - Boyd Bennett & His Rockets10. Right Around the Corner - Boyd Bennett & His Rockets11. Seventeen - Boyd Bennett & His Rockets12. Rock Love - Ede Fontaine13. Cool It Baby - Ede Fontaine14. Rock, Pretty Baby - Jimmy Daley15. Juke Box Rock - Jimmy Daley16. At the Hop - Danny & the Juniors17. Sometimes (When I'm All Alone) - Danny & the Juniors18. Rock 'N' Roll Story, The - Dave Appell19. Ring Around My Baby - Dave Appell20. Crackerjack - The Cues21. Crazy Crazy Party - The Cues22. Buzz Buzz Buzz - Rusty Draper23. No Huhu - Rusty Draper24. Beach Party - Bob Jaxon25. I'm Hangin' Around - Bob JaxonSC 2:1. My Boy Flat Top - Boyd Bennett & His Rockets2. Boogie at Midnight - Boyd Bennett & His Rockets3. Little Ole You All - Boyd Bennett & His Rockets4. Banjo Rock 'N' Roll - Boyd Bennett & His Rockets5. Teenage Meeting - Dave Appell6. Love Express, The - Dave Appell7. Big Bad Wolf - Frede Bell & the Bellboys8. I Said It and I'm Glad - Frede Bell & the Bellboys9. Rockin' the Polonaise - Frede Bell & the Bellboys10. Giddy Up a ng Dong - Frede Bell & the Bellboys11. Soda Shoppe Rock - Jimmy Cavallo12. That's the Groovy Thing - Jimmy Cavallo13. Big Beat, The - Jimmy Cavallo14. Rock, Rock, Rock - Jimmy Cavallo15. Can I Steal a Little Love - Jimmy Daley16. Big Band Rock 'N' Roll - Jimmy Daley17. Hot Rod - Jimmy Daley18. Dark Blue - Jimmy Daley19. Country Dance - Dave Appell20. Applejack - Dave Appell21. Pink Callac - Rusty Draper22. Tiger Ly - Rusty Draper23. Come on Down - Bob Jaxon24. Hey Marie, Rock with Me - Ede Fontaine25. One and Only - Ede FontaineSC 3:1. Rock the Joint - Jimmy Cavallo2. Oo-Oo-Oo - Boyd Bennett3. Most, The - Boyd Bennett4. You Upset Me Baby - Boyd Bennett5. High School Hop - Boyd Bennett6. Cool sc Jockey - Boyd Bennett7. Ooh Baby Ooh - Dave Appell8. Sweet Patootie Pie - Dave Appell9. Good Rockin' Tonight - The Treniers10. Rock 'N' Roll - The Treniers11. Hound Dog - Frede Bell & the Bellboys12. All Right, Okay, You Win - Frede Bell & the Bellboys13. Hucklebuck, The - Frede Bell & the Bellboys14. Rompin' and Stompin' - Frede Bell & the Bellboys15. Stay Loose, Mother Goose - Frede Bell & the Bellboys16. Rockabye Lullabye Blues - Jimmy Daley17. Saints Rock 'N' Rol, The - Jimmy Daley18. Foot Stompin' - Jimmy Cavallo19. Ooh-Wee (You Sure Look Good to Me) - Jimmy Cavallo20. Let 'em Roll - Jimmy Cavallo21. Black Slacks - Joe Bennett22. Penny Loafers and Bobby Socks - Joe Bennett23. Play It Cool - Paul Hampton24. Honky Tonk Man - Ede Fontaine25. King Kong - Big "T" TylerSC 4:1. Hit That Jive, Jack! - Boyd Bennett2. Blue Suede Shoes - Boyd Bennett3. Rockin' up a Storm - Boyd Bennett4. Poison Ivy - Boyd Bennett5. Partners for Life - Boyd Bennett6. Say Hey (The Wlie Mays Song) - The Treniers7. Rockin' the Boogie - Jimmy Daley8. Teenage Bop - Jimmy Daley9. Most, The - Jimmy Daley10. Hey There You - Frede Bell & the Bellboys11. Take the First Train out of Town - Frede Bell & the Bellboys12. Voo Doo - Frede Bell & the Bellboys13. Teach You to Rock - Frede Bell & the Bellboys14. Rockin' Is My Business - Frede Bell & the Bellboys15. I'm with You - Jimmy Cavallo16. Cherry Pie - Jimmy Cavallo17. Boppin' Rock Boogie - Joe Bennett & the Sparkletones18. Rocket - Joe Bennett & the Sparkletones19. Red Lips and Green Eyes - Jimmy Daley20. How's About a Little Kiss - Jimmy Daley21. Bongo Rock - Jimmy Daley22. Rockin' Shoes - Frankie Brent23. Be My Girl - Frankie Brent24. Classy Baby - Paul Hampton25. Rockin' Doll - Paul Hampton Detas stributor: Proper Music stribution Recorng Mode: Stereo CONTIONI MINT CD E' COME NUOVO