The Complete Wandering Ghosts

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var itemNumber = window.ebayItemID ? window.ebayItemID : -1; function passpara(){return '&id=1309133&itembgcolor=0xFFFFFF&bordercolor=0x000000&windowbgcolor=0xf1f1f1&toptextcolor=0xFFFFFF&bottom About theThe Complete Wandering Ghosts For the first time, complete as the author intended them, here are all eight of Crawford's supernatural pieces, including the rare story "The King's Messenger, " as well as such classics as "The Upper Berth" and many more. Also features a new Introduction written especially for this volume by horror scholar Lee Weinstein. Publishing Detas Publisher:Wdside Press Date:October 01, 2002 ISBN13: 9781592240395 ISBN: 1592240399 LIBRO IN BUONE CONDIZIONI GENERALI L .